finally an update

finally an update

So after a year, I finally managed to upgrade this Ghost installation to a new version. It shouldn't have been this hard (or take this long), but there are, as always, some specifics, like running the entire thing in a Docker container. Which, in retrospect, wasn't that great idea, because Ghost has a lot of state saved in the filesystem[1], has a text configs in its tree and, mainly, node.js, which makes every rebuild of a container quite painful and lengthy.

Or maybe I'm just old and unfamiliar with this new hip technology. I don't know. I don't think I'd ever pick Ghost again, but then, nor I'd ever run a mod_php something (or even apache itself) again. Mostly, I'm asking myself why I even felt the need not to simply use tumblr, but that's probably because my dashboard there is full of porn. It's tumblr.

Some other not so great ideas were running it here on the subdomain, which probably made sense as this was a tumblr blog before, but it doesn't help with TLS (doesn't work for the public part right now) and also complicates nginx config.

Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of this metablogging, so let's just keep this as a sort of warning :)

  1. setting up MySQL or whatever would help, maybe, but then I'd have another thing to look for and I can't possibly imagine sqlite not being able to handle this usecase, especially with nginx reverse proxy in front of it ↩︎